What Kim Kardashian’s new unusual car looks like for 96 thousand dollars: photo

If Kim Kardashian got anything good from her marriage to Kanye West, it was a very unusual taste and craving for everything shocking. For example, the day before the celebrity boasted of a new luxury car worth 96 thousand dollars. We are sure that Kanye would also have a place for something similar in his garage. This is what Kim’s new expensive and exclusive acquisition looks like.

As the Daily Mail reports, the Hollywood star’s collection has been replenished with a brand new futuristic Cybertruck from Tesla, so now Kim can rightfully call herself a “cool car mom.” However, that is exactly what she has already done. It is clarified that the car is made of stainless steel and can accommodate five adults (enough space for all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters).

And although the cost of the car is slightly surprising, it is not the most expensive car in the fleet of Kanye West’s ex-wife. For example, last year she acquired a Maybach SUV for 250 thousand dollars. Now the total cost of all Kim’s cars has reached more than two million dollars.

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