Angelina Jolie continues to experiment with her appearance – Internet users are divided into two camps.

In her youth, the Hollywood star often experimented with looks – just remember how Angelina Jolie suddenly cut her thick curls to zero. However, with age, the actress began to give preference to the timeless classics – the secrets of her voluminous styling are still the stuff of legends. However, the actress to this day is not averse to stirring up the public’s interest with a sudden change of image, although now she is doing it gradually.

Angelina debuted her new hairstyle, or rather just a preparatory version for it, during one of her walks with her son Pax back in June. At that time, only the ends of the brown-haired woman’s hair were bleached. The next time the paparazzi managed to catch the star on the street, there was more and more white hair. In December, when Angie reappeared in public, but now with light brown hair , fans were sure that this would be the end of the transformation. No matter how it is. Now the actress can easily be called a blonde – she visited her Atelier Jolie store in a new look.

Tabloid readers immediately began to discuss the “new” Angelina. Surprisingly, there were those who thought that the star now had no zest. “Beautiful blonde, I’ve already seen it somewhere,” wrote one commentator. “From the back she literally looks like everyone else,” added another. But loyal fans liked the transformation. The blonde, Internet users noted, emphasized the actress’s already radiant skin – she began to look even fresher, and this is a value at her age. One fan, who has been following Angie’s life for several decades, wrote that literally everything suits her – are there anyone else who wants to argue?

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