Before and after: how the old building was stylishly remodeled.

The designer created a cozy interior of a  three-room apartment with a touch of antiquity for a girl.

The owner of the apartment is a girl, a custom furniture designer. Its production completes almost all objects of designer Polina Andreeva with furniture . The customer inherited the apartment from her father, an architect, who carried out renovations on his own for ten years and lived in it.

The designer’s task was, with a limited budget, to make the apartment cozy with a slight hint of “antiqueness”, to fit in existing doors, parquet, and tiles. One of the customer’s important wishes was to leave the existing ceiling and abandon the overhead spotlight.

Kitchen before renovation

The redevelopment had already been carried out by the customer’s father: he closed the entrance to the kitchen, thereby enlarging the bathroom. The kitchen remained in its place, there was gas in the apartment.

Kitchen after renovation

Corner set. Opposite the entrance, wall cabinets were abandoned so as not to clutter the space. They placed only a cylinder-shaped hood, and laid out the apron almost to the ceiling, focusing on mint-colored glazed tiles. The customer made the kitchen to order in order to make maximum use of the space.

Bedroom before renovation

The panel behind the head of the bed was made by the customer’s father; I wanted to preserve it and fit it into the new interior.

Bedroom after renovation

For the bedroom we chose rich green wallpaper with floral patterns; the ceiling and plinth were painted in a similar green shade to create an atmosphere of comfort, because the bedroom is a place of relaxation and pleasant dreams. The ocher color of the panel boards echoes the bedspread on the bed, parquet boards and doors.

Office before renovation

It was not a cozy space at all and needed a makeover.

Office after renovation

The office is painted in two colors, thereby separating the recreation area and the work area. Two desks are required for working from home. We managed to order the cabinet in the office from IKEA, although not all of it was delivered; some had to be made to order, since IKEA closed its stores in Russia.

Bathroom before renovation

Partial plumbing connections were already provided, but the finishing needed to be completely changed to make it look stylish and modern.

Bathroom after renovation

In the bathroom, glossy white tiles are not laid up to the ceiling, and above are painted gray-pink. They did not add a ceiling light, they left only the sconces for a more intimate setting, plus this made it possible not to sew up the ceiling, but to paint the existing ceiling in the color of the walls.

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