Beyonce opens up about her battle with an incurable autoimmune disease.

It turns out that not everything is so smooth in the seemingly ideal life of pop diva Beyoncé. Always a luxurious and radiant artist, as it turned out, since childhood she has been suffering from an autoimmune incurable disease – psoriasis. She recently spoke about the fight against the disease, which Beyonce hid for many years, in an interview with Essence.

According to the singer, since childhood, her hair and scalp have suffered most from the disease. Her parents, especially her father, always helped her cope with all the complications, she shared: “The relationship that I have with my hair is a very personal journey. From growing up in my mother’s salon to my father applying oil to my scalp to treat my psoriasis, these moments were sacred to me.”

Beyoncé also noted that spending a lot of time in her mother’s salon, she felt relieved – this place became a kind of refuge for her, where she could feel beautiful, despite psoriasis and related hair problems.

By the way, fans connected the singer’s frank confession with J-Zay’s recent unsuccessful joke regarding his wife’s career successes – in their opinion, Queen B was too embarrassed and did not comment on her lover’s attack. But after a couple of days I decided to talk about my pain – and the upcoming launch of a cosmetics brand, they insist, has nothing to do with it.

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