Designer updated the outdated interior and shared ideas for saving.


The apartment is located in a five-story brick building built in 1926. There was a typical layout: a long narrow corridor, a tiny kitchen, a small living room, but a very large bedroom. The bathroom was small and only contained a toilet. The second block has a bathtub and a tiny sink.

As a result of the redevelopment, the area of ​​the small bathroom was increased by installing a small washbasin and providing a storage system. We abandoned the bathtub and made a comfortable shower room. The living room area was combined with the kitchen; the gas was turned off for this purpose. From one large room, two bedrooms were planned, which meet residential standards (the area should not be less than 13.5 m²).

Some of the old walls were left, since the floors are wooden and the walls take part of the load upon themselves. The openings were also increased. We left the transverse partitions and strengthened the partitions on both sides with an additional layer of metal frame.


The kitchen set was developed with greater attention to functionality. A washing machine is hidden behind the lower facade on the left. Above it there are convenient drawers for food and bulk products. Next is an oven with an independent electric hob. A rotating round shelf was installed in the hanging corner. Next is the sink, below it is a waste sorting system, and to the right of the sink is a dishwasher. And the kitchen is completed by a column with a built-in refrigerator.

Living room

The customer’s request for finishing is to paint the walls. They made a mirror in the niche with the TV to break up the wall area and take the eye away from the black screen. On sunny days, the stripes of the mirror reflect daylight, making the room even brighter. The rays of the sun play on the sofa, creating a warm mood throughout the living room area.

Customers insisted on high-quality formal furniture. The chest of drawers is handmade and serves as a decoration for the living room. “This is probably my favorite piece in this project,” says the designer.

The sofa is very comfortable, with soft elegant armrests and studs for decoration. The chairs are made to order in the workshop according to the designer’s sketches. The fabric for them was selected separately and then transferred to furniture production.

Daughter’s bedroom

In my daughter’s room, it was important to arrange a comfortable workspace and provide storage systems for books, things, and office supplies. We placed the closet against the wall with a window.

They made a wardrobe near the bed with a rod and pull-out baskets at the bottom. Under the tabletop there are convenient drawers for stationery. On the right is a beautiful glass shelf for books and decor. On the other side there is a stand for vinyl and a TV.

Parents’ bedroom

All the furniture in the apartment was made to order according to the designer’s sketches; we used all the niches that were available. In the master bedroom, for example, one of the niches was shallow – a retractable trouser pant and a barbell were placed in it. We made a compartment for the ironing board and vacuum cleaner. This cabinet even has a charging outlet.

To the right of the bed they built a closet that spanned the entire width of the wall. In addition to storage space, it acts as a soundproofing barrier from neighbors. The handles are custom made from brass.


The bathroom was expanded to 90 cm. All combs – water switches – were located above the toilet. A washbasin and a hygienic shower were provided. As well as a full-fledged storage system with adjustable shelves.


In the hallway, all storage was put into a closet with beautiful handles. They laid tiles directly in the “dirty” area – it’s more practical.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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