Fantastic transformation of an old one-room apartment of 33 m² (before and after photos).

The designers made the most of the space and created an interior that is not only comfortable, but also surprises with interesting details and solutions.


A young modern girl lives in this small apartment. The space that would best suit the owner should have become laconic, calm, light and spacious, as much as the initially small area could allow. Designers from the ArchOsnova bureau created a single space for a studio apartment, with a logical transition of all the main functional areas – hallway, kitchen, dining room/workplace, living room with a sofa and armchair, bedroom and bathroom. It turned out great.


The building in which the apartment is located was built according to an individual project, but the original layout is similar in structure to typical one-room apartments in Soviet brick houses. During the work on the project, the kitchen and room areas were combined, and a spacious wardrobe was integrated into the hallway.

The kitchen remained within its original position. The configuration of the bathroom was slightly changed due to the space of the adjacent corridor: as a result, the area of ​​the bathroom became slightly smaller, while maintaining comfort and full functionality.

The owner of the apartment refused to use gas, thanks to which she was able to combine the kitchen space with the rest of the apartment and implement an open studio space layout. A narrow oven 45 cm wide and a hob with two burners were built into the small kitchen set – this allowed us to save sufficient work surface space. The upper cabinets have a built-in hood and microwave.

The wall decoration is white paint and white tiles, combined with a warm shade of natural wood in the flooring and finishing of window sills and countertops. This is a fairly traditional combination for the Scandinavian style chosen by the customer. The abundance of white allows you to visually expand a small space and let in a large amount of light.


“The decorative details were inspired by the customer’s interest in the iconic space saga Star Wars. Colorful posters in the form of ironic travel advertising posters became important color accents on the white wall. The customer brought an alarm clock in the shape of Darth Vader from her previous apartment, and we helped find a themed piggy bank in the shape of a stormtrooper helmet,” say the authors of the project.

Most of the furniture was made to order according to designers’ sketches – this made it possible to create a harmonious furniture ensemble and make the most of every square centimeter. In the living room, it was important to organize a comfortable dining group, which would also be used for creative and work processes. A comfortable and fairly compact sofa with a folding bed is intended for guests.

A large shelving unit serves as a zoning unit and creates a secluded area in the bedroom. Near the shelf there is a small vintage chair in which you can sit comfortably and read your favorite book.

The bedroom has a full-size custom-made bed. The bed is adjacent to the rack and is made of the same material – veneered MDF. The side lift mechanism at the bed provides easy access to the storage area under the bed. A wardrobe with louvered doors is designed for clothes and personal belongings of the hostess.

The bathroom area is only 2.7 square meters, but there are full-fledged storage systems organized here – a cabinet with drawers under the countertop with a sink and a built-in closet above the toilet installation. You can place all the necessary accessories in them so that they are always at hand.

Rectangular white tiles were used to decorate the walls; one of the walls was painted with moisture-resistant white paint. The floor is finished with contrasting black hexagonal mosaic tiles. The countertop under the sink is made of natural oak.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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