Jennifer Aniston showed off her apartment-sized dressing room: photo

For tabloid readers, looking at the decorations in the mansions of stars is a special pleasure. Especially when celebrities who do not like to advertise their private lives themselves show what remains behind the cameras. The day before, the secretive Jennifer Aniston delighted her audience by publishing pictures of her home preparations for the People’s Choice Awards. It seems that the actress’s fans liked her without looking: there were more than a million of them under the post. Of course, a new location in the idol’s Californian mansion is open!

In the photographs, the actress is being dressed by her assistants against the backdrop of a huge dressing room the size of a standard studio or a small one-room apartment. The Daily Mail writer noted that this is exactly what a superstar’s closet should look like – huge, or rather, impressive. The dimensions of the room are impressive simply because it can accommodate at least five people.

But, oddly enough, it was not possible to see the actress’s collection of luxury items (she apparently saved these details about herself for later), but Internet users were pleased with another detail. “The mess on the table is just like mine,” wrote one reader of the publication. “My apartment, of course, is not so big, but it’s just as messy,” another added. “Why do we need to look at her mess? I didn’t think she would stoop to this,” another was perplexed. We don’t agree that this is a mess: just remember the cluttered apartment of Julia Fox, who, by the way, is proud of her.

In Jennifer’s defense, let us remind you that she has been living in the mansion since 2011 – that is, she has lived in it for a long time. And cleaning a house with so many rooms is a difficult task. It is known that in addition to several bedrooms and bathrooms standard for stars, the mansion has a wine room, a billiard room, a bar, as well as a fireplace and a huge oven for baking pizza – we have no idea how to keep them clean. In general, there is nothing surprising about the huge dressing room and slight disorder.

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