Cruise would fall in love with her again when he saw her like this! 💘🤫 Camera lenses secretly captured the actress in a two-piece bikini! 👙🫠Like wine, she gets even better with time! 🍷😍See the vacation snapshots in this article! 👇

Paparazzi never miss a single chance to catch celebrities when they don’t expect that at all, are in awkward situations or appear makeup-free with a casual look. Their main aim is to attract more and more people and show the other side of their idols.

Recently, photographers have captured N. Kidman on vacation. The iconic actress appeared absolutely flawless wearing a two-piece blue bikini which emphasized her stunning body. No one would deny that for a 55-year-old woman she looked gorgeous.

«The hottest actress Hollywood has ever known!», «Is this beauty really 55? Are you kidding me?», «No flaw or imperfection! This is how an ideal body looks like!», «No wonder so many men are in love with her!».

«How can we take our eyes off her I wonder?», «She is like fine wine!», «How is it even legal to look so beautiful and attractive?».