Netizens are discussing the return of Kanye West and Bianca Censori to Italy: “Why isn’t she arrested?”

As you know, the guilty always return to the scene of the crime – so Kanye and Bianca again burst into Italy, where they made a splash at the very beginning of their romance. Then the scandalous couple caused outrage among local residents with the explicit images that the rapper tirelessly came up with for his wife and obscene behavior in the gondola. It got to the point that the authorities permanently banned them from boating in Venice and threatened Bianca with a fine of ten thousand euros or even a prison term of up to four years. But Kanye and his wife don’t care: on Friday they again decided to tease conservative Italians with outrageous outfits at the Marni show as part of Milan Fashion Week.

And if the rapper, according to an already established tradition, was literally dressed in black from head to toe, then Bianca’s outfit, as is customary for this couple, left practically no room for imagination. A black leather bodysuit (if you can call this little-hiding triangle that way), pink high-heeled boots and a short black wig—that’s all she was wearing.

The reaction of Internet users was not long in coming. “Indecent exposure! Why isn’t she arrested?”, “February is just around the corner! The poor thing was definitely frozen. But Kanye, as I see it, has warmed up”, “This has gone too far! Very soon she will be walking the streets naked!”, “This looks like the most uncomfortable outfit in the world: if I sat down in this, it would cut me in half,” “Why do these so-called celebrities think that this is normal?” – readers of the Daily Mail tabloid are outraged. Well, we are sure that the fashionable community of Milan has seen something different… But it’s really better not to show these photos to the local authorities.

However, many felt sorry for Bianca, and placed all the blame on Kanye. In their opinion, the girl looks unhappy (or is even under the influence of illegal substances), and the musician deliberately humiliates her because he gets pleasure from it.

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