“Anne Hathaway now has a Joker smile”: the 41-year-old actress was suspected of unsuccessful manipulations with her appearance.

Lately, The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway has had absolutely no luck at Italian fashion shows. Not long ago she was accused of being arrogant towards fans who were waiting for her after the Valentino show in Rome. And this time the appearance of the actress, who visited the Milan Versace show the day before, was criticized.

Anne stepped out in a fiery red corset midi dress from the brand’s latest collection. The outfit emphasized the slender figure of the Oscar winner, making her the main star of the evening. Hathaway accessorized her look with dainty pumps, a diamond watch and Bvlgari rings. Well, it’s beautiful!

Alas, Internet users categorically did not like the actress’s outfit, hairstyle, or makeup. Moreover, they suspected Hathaway of cosmetic (or even surgical) manipulation of her face. “That’s the case when a dress worth thousands of euros looks cheap,” “Doesn’t she have a comb?” “Terrible makeup”, “She always had big beautiful eyes, but now they seem much smaller. Is this the result of the procedure?”, “Oh my God, Anne Hathaway now has a Joker smile,” “She doesn’t look her best. What did she do to her face? – Daily Mail readers are sounding the alarm.

At the same time, many Internet users noted that after manipulating her appearance, Anne began to look like restaurant critic and author of popular books about cooking, Nigella Lawson. And this is not a compliment at all for the 41-year-old actress: although the Englishwoman is a beauty, she is no less than 64 years old.


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