Before and after: transformation of a two-room apartment.

The customer grew up among the grandeur of St. Petersburg architecture, so the designers designed an apartment for her in the style of modern classics, leaving the opportunity to complement the interior as she wanted.


The apartment that designers Elena Muzychenko and Marina Svyatodukh had to work with was so “destroyed” that cosmetic interventions could no longer save the situation. The labor-intensive renovation included the complete replacement of outdated communications and all non-load-bearing partitions. The finished interior is dominated by classics mixed with modern accents, and antiques from the private collection of the customer’s mother are reminiscent of childhood.


Rarely the owner of an apartment in a Stalinist building would not like to make the layout better. But this is a special case. The customer of Elena Muzychenko and Marina Svyatodukh grew up in the center of St. Petersburg, in a house furnished with furniture with history, antiques and twentieth-century paintings. Therefore, the old-fashioned layout with separate bathrooms and a long hall was just to the taste of the young woman. An exception was made only for the bedroom: the designers cut off some space from it to design a dressing room.

The customer turned out to be old-fashioned in a good way not only in matters of planning: it was also important for her that only high-quality finishing materials were used in the renovation. Therefore, the cornices, ceiling rose and window frames were made of plaster, and the window sills were made of marble. The floors in the rooms were covered with modular oak parquet, and the tiles in the hall, bathrooms and kitchen were chosen from Portuguese and Italian brands.

“We wanted to create a living living space into which the customer could safely bring in her favorite items without fear of “spoiling” something,” say the designers. Much attention was paid to fabrics, mirrors and furniture fittings. Every little detail was taken care of: for example, brass decorative handles for windows and balconies were ordered separately in St. Petersburg.

The designers decorated the long hall with built-in wardrobes made in a local carpentry workshop. The customer stores not only clothes and shoes in them: for example, an electrical panel and router, a washing machine with a laundry basket and household supplies are hidden in the closet near the bathroom.

Along with the pens, several paintings from the collection of the customer’s mother, painted at the beginning of the century, as well as a chandelier from the mid-thirties arrived from their hometown. Mom’s gifts fit harmoniously into modern classics and supported the connection between the interior and the history of the family.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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