Small apartment with a kitchen in a niche.

Designer has completely changed the typical one-room apartment in a block house.


The layout of the apartment in the old block house was not very convenient: a small area and a minimum of storage space. The designer managed to find the optimal solution to the problem: they dismantled the old partitions and erected new ones to decorate the kitchen in a niche and find space for a dressing room, utility unit and closet. The color palette also helped expand the space: the author of the project relied on white walls, and distracted attention from the dimensions with the help of bright tiles and wallpaper.


The customer, a young girl, bought a one-room apartment in a block house of the I-209A series. In a typical layout, the room is isolated from the kitchen, and there is no space for storage systems in the hallway. Designer Anna Reams began work on the project with a radical redevelopment.

The passage to the kitchen from the corridor was blocked, and the room was divided into two zones using a partition: the kitchen itself in a niche and the dining room with a soft sofa and a round table. They managed to hide a gas pipe in the wall. It is located next to the stove, but does not visually attract attention.


The entrance to the kitchen is through the room, which has a sliding door with a tight rebate. This complies with the rules, since the kitchen is gasified. The living space was completely given over to a full bedroom with a double bed.

One of the walls of the hallway was moved a little: a built-in wardrobe was placed on one side, and a dressing room was installed on the other. Thanks to this solution, every centimeter of the apartment’s area is functionally used. The plan is currently undergoing approval.

The walls will mostly be painted; colored wallpaper was chosen for an accent in the dining room. Patterned cement tiles and parquet boards were laid on the floor. These are materials that are pleasant to the touch and durable.

The designer provided a technical cabinet for a washing and drying machine in the hallway. The niche was equipped with a sliding door: the structure closes like a wardrobe. An exhaust hood was also installed here to prevent overheating of the equipment.

In the wardrobe, we designed cascading shoe shelves at the bottom of the closet: they allow you to store boots and low shoes in one place. The electrical panel was also removed from the closet.

“The key to the interior is the combination of colors,” says Anna Reams. — Fashionable contrasting green and pink shades were used in the ornament of cement tiles; they create an atmosphere of relaxation somewhere in Bali. The plant theme smoothly flows into the dining room, where it reveals itself in a panel with a blooming garden. A sunny armchair and snow-white walls support the mood.”

Furniture for the project was chosen on a geographical basis – what can be purchased or made to order in Moscow. But the yellow chair will be ordered from Italy – the customer really liked it.

The interior is quite laconic, so there is no decor other than decoration. The exception is a couple of colored decorative pillows, blankets and indoor plants. The designer is confident that the customer will complement the decor with her favorite things. But now the apartment looks cozy and homely.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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