The Internet is discussing a new video of Jennifer Lopez and her grown-up children from Japan.

Every day, there is a new portion of criticism towards Jennifer Lopez – and her revelations about her stormy intimate life with Ben Affleck this time have nothing to do with it. The singer and her children – twins Emme and Max – went to Japan to celebrate their 16th anniversary. Judging by the video that J.Lo shared on a forbidden network, the star family and their friends had a great time: they tried on kimonos, walked around museums, talked to cute pigs, did calligraphy and, of course, ate delicious food.

In the video, Lopez admits that she has never seen the twins so happy. But Internet users had the completely opposite impression. “It seems that their birthday is more dedicated to her than to the birthday people themselves,” “It’s very nice of her to use her children’s birthday as part of her own promotional tour!”, “How can children have a good mother if she takes selfies non-stop?”, “I wish children didn’t look depressed at least on their birthday,” Daily Mail readers discuss.

Well, once again we have to disagree with caring commentators: to us, the guys, on the contrary, seem quite happy. Yes, and nowadays few people refuse memorable selfies, you must admit. Better yet, just watch the video and form your own opinion.

Well, if you suddenly thought that 16-year-old Emma looked too brutal (by the way, many commentators also noticed this), don’t be surprised. This is clearly a family trend: the 15-year-old daughter of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner previously tried on a bold look .

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