Before and after: spectacular remodeling of a 45 m² one-room apartment in a brick house.

See how the outdated red interior has been transformed.


The house was built in 2006, brick, with atypical, but quite successful layouts. The kitchen is spacious and has a pantry. When planning the space, the task was to get rid of the strange shapes of the rooms with sloping corners, which were still inherited from the developer and previous residents. After the redevelopment, the result was a space of the correct shape, which can be completely “read” from the front door – this creates the illusion of an even larger apartment area.

Kitchen before renovation

The kitchen was zoned with the help of furniture: the set itself and the living room area. Everything is in beige and red tones, a kitchen with a bar counter that is already obsolete.

Kitchen after renovation

The kitchen was made to order and turned out to be extremely functional and spacious thanks to competent and thoughtful contents. Built-in refrigerator and oven with microwave function save space. A large number of drawers are designed to store various kitchen utensils.

Wall cabinets up to the ceiling hold dishes and groceries. Thanks to thoughtful filling, the kitchen countertop, even in real life, remains free from unnecessary objects that create visual noise. The black edge on the table top and on the light Fenix ​​fronts, combined with black profile handles, dilute the calm gray-beige monochrome. A huge floor-to-ceiling window adds light and volume to the room.

“A tabletop made of acrylic stone is an experiment. To create a visually thin countertop in the kitchen and on the kitchen table, two colors of stone were used – the main top and the glued black edge. The result is a tabletop with a thickness of 25 mm instead of the standard 38 mm, and visually, due to the black edge, the thickness of the tabletop looks ultra-thin – 12.5 mm.

In the kitchen, the dining table area was marked with porcelain stoneware to a height of 1200 mm, thereby protecting the painted walls from abrasion.

Loggia before renovation

The loggia was unfinished, made of bright red brick.

Loggia after renovation

The space was insulated, the walls were decorated with wallpaper for painting. We organized a compact but comfortable workplace here.

Room before renovation

A rectangular room with one window. It was necessary to think about storage and place a comfortable sleeping place for the customer.

Room after renovation

The floors in the room are quartz vinyl. The walls are finished with paintable wallpaper and decorative moldings in a contrasting color. We used hidden doors for painting in a black aluminum edge with black fittings.

By sacrificing a small part of the room, we allocated a full-fledged dressing room with an area of ​​4.6 square meters. m.

Hallway before renovation

The hallway was a bit cramped, but there was room for a dressing room.

Hallway after renovation

When planning the partitions, we immediately increased the doorways to a height of 2300 mm, visually raising the ceilings. The entrance door on the inside is decorated with a mirror almost the entire width of the door. In addition to its functional purpose – a full-length mirror – this element reflects and doubles the daylight from the windows thanks to the successful layout of the apartment.

When planning the space, we immediately allocated a large storage area into a separate room – a dressing room at the entrance to the apartment. We used a hanging storage system, the filling of which can be adjusted independently by purchasing and rearranging shelves, rails and baskets.

Bathrooms before renovation

The apartment has separate bathrooms with a standard furniture arrangement and glossy tiles.

Bathroom after renovation

Despite the relatively small size, the bathroom turned out to be very functional. In the resulting space, it was possible to place a shower area, a 45 cm deep washer-dryer located under the sink with an offset drain, an installation with a wall-hung toilet, a hygienic shower, a heated towel rail and a voluminous storage area up to the ceiling above the installation and sink. The latter hides behind its facades the collector area, all household chemicals, small cleaning accessories, as well as a lot of cosmetic and hygienic little things. 

The bathroom is finished with porcelain stoneware, the built-in storage system with facades is most successfully matched to the color of the finish.
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