Before and after: stunning transformation of a 75 m² three-room apartment in an old building.

The difference before and after the renovation is dramatic – it’s hard to believe that this is the same apartment.

A bright and original interior was created by designer Alena Gorskaya for a family of three in the “author’s loft” style. The designer has completely modernized the standard layout. During the renovation, which lasted two years, the long corridor was removed, and the space of the kitchen, dining room and living room was combined. The area of ​​the bathroom and toilet was also expanded due to the corridor.

Kitchen before renovation

Before the renovation, it was a “killed” kitchen with a typical Stalinist layout, a separate stove and square tiles on the walls.

Kitchen after renovation

The kitchen remained small, only 6.5 square meters. m. At the same time, functionality is increased due to the layout and a large number of cabinets. The set is made with ceramic facades: the upper facades are concrete and repeat the ceiling, the lower ones are yellow and go into the floor. The sink was moved to the window.

Entrance hall and corridor before renovation

Initially, from the hallway there was an entrance to two rooms, and through the corridor one could get to the kitchen.

Entrance hall and corridor after renovation

After the redevelopment, the corridor area was used for a bathroom. The entrance to the living room was made without doors, one room smoothly flows into another. The decoration used materials and solutions that refer to the loft style.

Bathroom before renovation

Before the renovation, the bathroom was tiny, with inconvenient placement of furniture and fixtures.

Bathroom after renovation

By moving the entrance to the living room, it was possible not only to expand the bathroom, but also to create two bathrooms with a bathtub and a laundry room on 10 square meters. Visually, the space was expanded with dynamic tiles and bright prints.

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