Blake Lively revealed the main rule of a strong relationship with Ryan Reynolds.

Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of those Hollywood couples whose relationship you shouldn’t worry about at all. The beloved ones are so firmly entrenched among the happiest star families that they are unlikely to ever leave this list. For 12 years now, celebrities have been delighting us with cute photos together and sparkling jokes addressed to each other, and are also quite successfully raising four children . How they manage to do this, the Gossip Girl star revealed in a recent episode of the show Further Ado.

According to Blake, one of the main secrets of her and Ryan’s family happiness is the agreement that the spouses cannot work at the same time. From the very beginning of the relationship, Lively admitted, they developed this strategy so as not to harm their personal life due to a successful career. “When Ryan and I started our relationship, we made it a rule not to work at the same time so that we could always prioritize our personal lives,” the actress shared.

And although this rule has been tested over the years and works great for both, sometimes it can be difficult to follow. However, it is the agreement not to work during one period of time that allows the actors to remain a family, no matter where they are. Reynolds himself once spoke about this: “Blake and I are not filming at the same time. If she was filming in Thailand and I was filming in Vancouver, we would simply never see each other. We act as one and that’s very good for us.”

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