“The blanket got stuck in the nightie”: Netizens criticized Margot Robbie’s outfit at a prestigious film award.

Margot Robbie can’t leave the Barbie theme behind. And this, in general, is not surprising: the role of the famous doll has already brought her the status of one of the richest actresses in Hollywood and the title of the sexiest woman on the planet. After the premiere, Robbie stays in character and regularly appears on the red carpet in outfits of all shades of pink. The 30th annual Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony that took place yesterday was no exception.

This evening, the Australian could take home the coveted statuette for Best Actress. Alas, in the end the award went not to her, but to Lily Gladstone from Martin Scorsese’s film Killers of the Flower Moon. And the sympathies of armchair fashion critics were not on Margot’s side. The black and pink dress from Schiaparelli seemed awkward and even downright ugly to many. And now fans are making theories about why the actress chose such an outfit that doesn’t suit her.

“Margot obviously forgot about this award, so at the last moment she made something out of bed linen,” “It looks like she jumped straight out of bed, and the blanket got stuck in her nightie,” Daily Mail readers offer their options.

However, other commentators did not rack their brains for long and quickly found someone to blame for this fashion failure. “Can the stylist have a few words?” “Lately, Margot is always being dressed in dresses that don’t suit her. It’s time for her to fire this stylist,” “Out of all the magnificent clothes, choose this one… Especially for such a beauty,” the British are perplexed.

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