Before and after: a small kitchen in an old building with a retro touch.

How a designer coolly transformed a ruined kitchen.

This old two-room apartment, built in 1905 , had to be completely renovated. The customer is a young girl, so designer Anastasia Zarkua needed to create the most functional space that corresponds to the latest technological trends, while at the same time giving comfort and style. The concept was based on Scandinavian style with retro notes. The designer chose a beautiful color palette for the interior and used vintage items to convey the atmosphere of a home with history.

Photo before renovation

Initially, the apartment had a standard layout, but the designer decided to change it a little. The kitchen was not completely combined with the living room, but an additional opening was made in the wall between the rooms. At the same time, the entrance from the corridor was also left.

The kitchen was equipped with a gas water heater, a built-in refrigerator, a dishwasher and a washing machine (they did not fit into the bathroom), as well as a microwave with oven function. The set was made to order from plywood coated with enamel. The round table was complemented by restored chairs from the Ligna factory.

The decoration used paint and high ceiling cornices. There are tiles on the floor in the kitchen and in the hallway.

We waited two months for the lamp over the dining table from Europe; we initially found it in a vintage store, but did not have time to buy it. The customer liked the lamp so much that she independently found it in Europe.
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