Before and after: atmospheric conversion of a two-room apartment in old style.

We tell you how to create a stylish interior in an old building.

Designers  turned a “killed” two-room apartment in Stalin into comfortable housing for a family with children. A unique combination of historical heritage and modern elegance brings the interior to life. High ceilings, warm parquet tones and wooden elements evoke the past, while modern furnishings and stylish accents give the space a fresh and comfortable feel.

Photo of the apartment before renovation


Major changes to the layout were made to increase the number of storage systems. The children’s room was reduced in size to provide space for a dressing room. A partition was built in the hallway to create a large built-in closet. The kitchen and separate bathroom were left in their places.


The set is corner to the ceiling, above the sink and by the window, the upper cabinets were abandoned. All household appliances are built-in. The decoration used white square tiles on the apron and painting.

For the dining area, we took a round table and chairs in red upholstery; the accent color was repeated in the thin molding that runs along the perimeter of the kitchen.


The functions of the bedroom and living room are combined in one room. There was enough space for a full bed and a sofa with an armchair. “The heart of this apartment is the original chandelier, which has survived decades of history. This crystal chandelier, left over from when the house was first built, has witnessed many moments of family joy and inspiration,” say the designers.

Wallpaper and paint were used to decorate the walls; their border was decorated with the same thin orange molding as in the kitchen.


The combination of blue and orange shades is repeated in the nursery. One of the walls was decorated with wallpaper with African animals – it turned out cute and very cozy.


In the bathroom, the layout of square tiles on the walls was repeated, as in the kitchen, but they chose a blue tint and colored grout. The orange cabinet was made to order. Graphics were added with the help of black accessories.


A large storage system was hidden behind mirrored facades – they expand the space. Printed tiles – in the hallway and in the kitchen. We chose a pleasant gray-blue shade for the walls.

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