Bianca Censori appeared in the company of North West after Kim Kardashian asked the model to dress more modestly in front of children.

Bianca Censori’s “naked” appearances infuriated even Kim Kardashian, who herself was never known for modesty. Kanye West’s ex is generally not against the fact that his current wife walked around without clothes, but not surrounded by the star’s heirs. The model did not anger Kim and at the very next meeting with 10-year-old North, she covered up everything that she usually proudly demonstrates to others.

The night before, paparazzi caught the star daughter walking with her stepmother in Los Angeles. The girls went to the Popeyes fast food restaurant and immediately after to McDonald’s; It’s no wonder North enjoys spending time with her stepmom so much. But fans are sure that the stars’ promenade was not just for fun. The baby put on a hat with ear flaps in support of her father’s new album, and Bianca, in an unusual image, once again stirred up interest in herself and her outrageous husband. Let us remember that Kanye had such plans for his wife: insiders said that the model receives fees for promoting her husband’s record.

Kim, however, is already far from these intrigues: Kanye is a long-past stage for her. Celebrity is glad that the violent rapper switched to Bianca, and the model, apparently, even likes it. Otherwise, how can we explain the fact that she agreed to the terrible conditions that the musician imposed on her immediately after the wedding?

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