Brad Pitt set a strict condition for his beloved Ines de Ramon.

This Hollywood actor is also a conspirator. Fans learned that Brad Pitt, after a high-profile divorce from Angelina Jolie , found happiness with 32-year-old Ines de Ramon thanks to insiders. In the same way, rare details of their relationship are leaked onto the Internet, and general photos of lovers in general are few and far between. Apparently, Brad himself tried, who, as the tabloids have been gossiping for years, is obsessed with his image. It turned out that he asked his beloved to sign a document on non-disclosure of information about her private life.

A source told In Touch that after the scandal with Angelina, the actor became more careful with the people he gets close to. And no, it’s not that Brad doesn’t trust Ines; on the contrary, for the girl this is a signal that the actor is being extremely frank with her. She, the informant added, would have been surprised if the actor had not asked her to enter into an agreement. “He just values ​​his privacy,” the insider emphasized. “People with the same status as Brad don’t want their correspondence or anything like that to be shared with the whole world.”

Pitt’s action, we note, is quite logical after he and Ines began to live together . Moreover, the couple has already begun to go out together. Look, the rumors that the actor and his fiancee are planning a child will become a reality.

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