Remodeling an old one-room apartment with a tiny kitchen (before and after photos)


Designers completely transformed the interior of a small apartment of 30 square meters in an old brick house. The “killed” one-room apartment turned into a studio for short-term rental. The customer planned to rent out this apartment and wanted a bright interior, so bold color combinations, geometric patterns and contrasts were used here. We tell you the details.


There was no global redevelopment; only the doorway was moved and the shape of the plumbing box was changed. The kitchen was not moved. Gas pipes are located behind the wall, with access to the tap in the form of a hatch in the lower cabinets of the unit.

The set was placed in the letter G. Near the window, the tabletop was extended by the width of the window sill to increase the usable area. The upper cabinets were only made on the wall opposite the window. The window sill is used as a bar counter.

The set was assembled at IKEA. For large household appliances, a utility cabinet was provided next to the refrigerator. We didn’t have time to make it to order, so we bought ready-made cabinets – they are located behind the wall, in the room.

In the living area there is a folding sofa for relaxing and sleeping, a work desk, a dining area and storage systems. The customer had laminate left over from renovating his house, and decided to use it in the project – not only on the floor, but also for the accent wall behind the sofa.

The bathtub was replaced with a shower stall to provide enough space for a toilet, shower, sink and washing machine. We chose a corner toilet, and chose a sink so that a washing machine could be installed underneath it.

In the hallway, a niche that already existed helped with storage. All that remained was to find a wardrobe for street clothes.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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