Before and after: cool conversion of a two-room apartment.

See how the designer famously transformed her “grandmother’s” interior for herself.

Designer designed this two-room apartment for herself and her husband. It was necessary to organize the maximum number of storage spaces, without cluttering the rooms with massive furniture. 

Kitchen before renovation

Before the renovation, the kitchen had an outdated beige-brown corner unit, short tulle on the windows and an arched opening from the hallway. The space needed to be completely redesigned to make it modern and ergonomic.

Kitchen after renovation

The kitchen is made to order. A non-built-in refrigerator 150 cm high, a stove with two burners, an oven 45 cm wide, a dishwasher 45 cm wide and a built-in microwave oven – the main set of appliances. Kitchen cabinets are built to the ceiling.

In the kitchen we used quartz vinyl countertops. They decided not to overload the apron and painted it the same color as the main walls, and used frosted glass on top to protect it from grease and dirt.

Entrance hall and corridor before renovation

Initially, the refrigerator was removed from the kitchen and occupied a niche next to the front door. Therefore, open storage systems were located along the wall in the corridor, this cluttered the passage and added visual noise.

Entrance hall and corridor after renovation

“Organizing storage in a small apartment became one of the difficulties of the project. We returned the mezzanine, which was located in the corridor: yes, the ceiling height there was reduced to 210 cm, but it is convenient for storing seasonal items. The built-in wardrobe, which was designed in 1968, was also returned to the corridor; outerwear is stored in it. Additional storage space for shoes and bags are custom-made cabinets made by designer Renata Nafieva from St. Petersburg,” says the designer.

The walls in the apartment were painted with Little Greene paint; in the passage areas of the kitchen and hallway, wall panels were used at a height of 90 cm from the floor – they protect the walls from the dog.

Bedroom before renovation

The bedroom room is small, quite narrow. I wanted to make it cozy, but not clutter up the space.

Bedroom after renovation

There is a minimum of furniture here – a bed, nightstands. Borastapeter wallpaper was used as an accent wall, the ceiling was painted in a non-standard pale pink color, which creates an additional atmosphere of comfort.

Living room before renovation

The living room is the largest room in the apartment. Previously, it contained a sleeping area, a relaxation area, a workplace, storage and a place for drying and ironing clothes.

Living room after renovation

It was important for the designer to maintain the multifunctionality of the room, but at the same time make it comfortable, stylish and correctly zone the room.

For zoning, a podium was built on which the workplace is located. In the living room, an alternative to a closet was a storage system from Leroy Merlin on the podium. It is covered with curtains; the same fabric was used for the curtains that separate the seating area and workspace in the room.

Bathroom before renovation

A typical separate bathroom is completely tiled in two colors. Bathroom furniture is the most ordinary.

Bathroom after renovation

The bathroom was combined to create more storage space. The location of the toilet opposite the door turned out to be quite successful, as it allowed the use of a 120 cm long sink, with a washing machine located under it. Under the sink there is a storage system for household chemicals, dirty laundry baskets and an additional heated towel rail.

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