Before and after: stylish transformation of a two-room apartment in an old building.

Designer remodeled and filled the outdated interior with color.

Designer designed a delicate interior with retro notes in a two-room apartment in an old house built in 1905. 

Kitchen before renovation

Initially, the apartment had a standard layout with an isolated kitchen. There is a bathroom next to it; there was a window in the partition.

Kitchen after renovation

They made an opening between the kitchen and living room, but did not completely combine the rooms. At the same time, the entrance to the kitchen from the corridor was also left.

Living room before renovation

In the living room there was “killed” parquet and old wallpaper, cracked stucco. Swing doors with a transom led into the corridor.

Living room after renovation

The decoration used paint and high ceiling cornices. On the floor in the living rooms there is an engineered board laid in a herringbone pattern. In the living room there are restored Hera armchairs, produced in the GDR in the 60s. After the restoration, they acquired new bouclé upholstery.

Bedroom before renovation

The bedroom has an interesting window design – it is in the shape of a bay window and an arch. I wanted to highlight this unusual detail.

Bedroom after renovation

The walls were painted and the height of the ceiling was emphasized with a cornice. The arched opening was decorated with curtains on both sides, the windows themselves were left open – so you can see all the beauty.

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