Inspiring redesign of a boring two-room apartment(see before and after).

Designers completely updated the outdated interior, turning a typical two-room apartment into a bright European apartment.


The customer is a young girl working in the film industry. I wanted to get a stylish, cozy living space in the best traditions of European interiors, modern, but with echoes of the classics, light and light, filled with art and vintage elements. Designers Irina Borodina and Ekaterina Malaya managed to visually expand the walls and create a stylish interior from a small two-room apartment with dark narrow corridors.


The apartment in Brezhnevka is small, ceilings are 2.65 cm, a standard “vest” with two small rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. Before the redevelopment, it had a narrow, dark hallway, similar to a corridor, and an even narrower corridor with an overhanging mezzanine and a load-bearing beam. The customer’s special wish was to make the utilitarian rooms (kitchen, bathroom) more like rooms, and to place a comfortable sofa and a large TV or projector in the living room for watching favorite films.

The redevelopment was small: a load-bearing wall separating the bedroom from the living room and a gasified kitchen reduced the number of options. The designers combined the entrance hall with the living room, separating them from each other with a U-shaped storage system, including a dressing room and a bookcase, in the upper section of which a wall-mounted air conditioner unit is hidden. Thus, natural light appeared in the hallway, and the living room space visually expanded.

A single light color scheme interspersed with greenish tones and natural wood colors unites all rooms: the walls were painted white, creating an ideal canvas for works of art, and tiles with geometric patterns and bright textiles give the interior a graphic and dynamic feel.

“We used the same warm shade of white for the walls, doors and cabinetry. Minimalistic facades merge with the walls, adding volume to the space, and all utilitarian items are hidden in storage systems,” say the designers.

The kitchen is L-shaped, one side has high cabinets in the ceiling, forming a wall and forming a portal to the corridor, the other has only lower modules, without hanging cabinets. Instead, there are open shelves, giving a small kitchen lightness and opening up wide possibilities for decoration.
The built-in refrigerator, oven and microwave are located in high modules; on the other side there is a dishwasher, a sink with a combined mixer for tap and drinking water, a full-fledged hob and a bottle holder. The open section next to the sink stores dishes and small household appliances.
“An interesting story happened with curtains: the curtains certainly had to be made of natural materials. We looked at many fabric options, but never found anything suitable in terms of tactile and visual characteristics. As a result, we selected several linen cuts that the customer liked from the Izolna store and assembled the curtains literally from pieces, since some of the fabrics were discontinued,” say the authors of the project.
In the bedroom they used the same technique as in the other rooms – against the background of neutral white walls, as if on a canvas, they placed art and a bright composition of textiles in soft blue, yellow and green tones.
“The design of the bathroom took the longest to approve – the customer wanted this room to look as little as possible like a bathroom and more like a room – cozy and spectacular at the same time. In addition, we were limited to a very modest area. As a result, we replaced the bathtub with a shower with a glass partition, combined tiles and paint on the walls, and moved all utilitarian items outside the room, leaving only the washing machine. They hung a large mirror on the wall, doubling the space, decorating it with sconces with grooved shades that echo the graphics of the tiles,” say the designers.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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