Stylish refurbishment of a three-room apartment (see before and after photos)

The designer created a cozy, bright interior in which she combined modern and vintage furniture.


The customers are a married couple with an adult daughter. They turned to designer Anastasia Berezinets to create a comfortable and cozy space in a three-room apartment in Brezhnevka. A special feature of the project was the combination of modern elements with vintage items that were inherited by the customers. It was necessary to give each room its own personality, but at the same time combine the different stylistic wishes of each family member.


“I was very lucky with the original layout, as all the rooms were well configured and quite spacious. We had no problems placing all the necessary furniture, so we left all the partitions in their places,” says the designer.

The kitchen set was made to order, it is corner, all appliances are built-in. We chose facades of a beautiful sea green color, with milling and glass layout. The backsplash was laid with white rectangular tiles, and the countertop was made of quartz stone.

We chose quartz SPC laminate for the floor. This coating is not afraid of moisture, it can be used in the kitchen and hallway without worrying about the safety of the material. A big plus is that it can be laid in a single contour (customers really didn’t want to split the floor into zones with different coatings). We chose high-quality paint in pleasant shades for the walls and ceilings.

When choosing furniture, we were guided by modern models in Scandinavian and mid-century style; they fit perfectly into the interior and refer to the history of the house.

My daughter’s room turned out to be the brightest. The designer painted the walls a gray-green shade, chose a bed with a turquoise headboard and used a chair and textiles in a contrasting yellow color. It turned out fresh and cheerful.

All storage systems were custom-made, as this allows for maximum functional use of space. The only room where there were difficulties with arranging furniture was the customers’ bedroom. “We needed a lot of storage cabinets, but there wasn’t enough space. Therefore, I proposed abandoning the usual bedside tables and making a single storage system with two niches on the side of the bed. In the niches there were sconces for reading and sockets with switches. The niches themselves were covered with furniture perforated facades. It became the highlight of the room. And the shadows you get in the evening from the perforations when the sconces are on are a delight,” says the designer.

The storage system in the hallway was made 25 and 45 cm deep. A banquette with drawers and a backlit mirror were integrated there. Hooks for outerwear were hidden between decorative slats.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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