Bright apartment of the director of a concert agency.

See what the apartment of a bachelor who works from home might look like.


The designer had to decorate a forty-meter apartment so that it would serve as an office during the day and a place for parties in the evening.


The client is a young man who organizes concerts and works with musical groups, so the space had to serve as an office, apartment and party place. Taking into account the specifics of the owner’s work and lifestyle, the designer built the concept of the apartment on three main functions: work, live, party.

The original layout did not meet the objectives: the small space was divided into two isolated rooms.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to combine the kitchen with the living room: there was a load-bearing wall between them. To increase the size of the living room, the designer decided to add a corridor to it.

Now guests enter the living room directly from the entrance. On the right is a full-wall wardrobe; it is painted white and blends in with the wall. The living room is designed as a lounge area: there are many seats and free space.

Designer Anastasia Brandt calls the hammock “the place of power” of this apartment. It is reminiscent of Balinese surf spots and summer holidays.

As a result of the redevelopment, the kitchen got rid of the mezzanine and became more spacious and functional. The place of the dining table here is occupied by a half-bar table. If necessary, it can be pushed onto the windowsill, gaining some free space. If there are a lot of guests, they can eat and drink standing around it.

The owner of the apartment refused to have a full-fledged sleeping place: a thick floor mattress is enough for him, which can be put away in the closet during the day.

Anastasia Brandt believes that the interior reflects the tastes and lifestyle of the owner as much as possible. And he himself is invisibly present in the apartment even in those moments when he is not here. The first thing a guest sees upon crossing the threshold is a neon mustache, the trademark of the apartment owner and the emblem of the international Movember campaign, which he has joined.

Photo before renovation

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