Incredible transformation of an old three-room apartment (see photos before and after)

Designer created a convenient layout, relied on the enfilade and added bright colors and modern decor to the classic interior.


The clients are a young married couple who like bright and calm interiors at the same time. Designer Olga Slugina needed to completely transform the “tired” interior of an apartment in an old apartment building and combine classic elements with more modern ones. The highlight of the project was the enfilade layout – a classic technique that created a special atmosphere and helped increase the amount of air and light. The kitchen, open living-dining room, bedroom are like beads strung on a single thread.


Initially, the apartment had a small bathroom, toilet, kitchen with gas and a long corridor. Redevelopment was required – it was carried out within the framework of the law, taking into account the rules and regulations. In the kitchen, the gas water heater is hidden behind a single façade with an extractor hood. Since there is gas in the kitchen, swing doors were used. The bathroom was combined and enlarged due to the corridor, the boundaries of the kitchen were preserved – only the location of the entrance was changed.

The kitchen is made to order. On the left in the cabinet group there is a built-in refrigerator, an oven, and a “pharmaceutical cabinet”. We designed a corner set without upper cabinets. To the left of the sink is a built-in dishwasher. There are storage drawers under the gas hob.

The basis of the concept is a neutral-colored space of the living-dining room and corridor, surrounded by bright, rich spaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The apartment has a lot of contrasts – symmetry and asymmetry, color, textures, eclectic style, which add the necessary dynamics to the interior.

The main flooring is parquet boards. “Visually the space required a wide floor plinth. An excellent solution was the “plinth + molding” tandem. The distance between them was painted white – this adds height. Moldings and decor were actively used on the walls of the living room, which looks great with enfilade doors. The frames were positioned in such a way that part of the decor was behind the canvas, and the wall lamps were symmetrically in the center. In the center above the enfilade doors, a cornice with a decorative element further emphasizes the symmetry of the space,” says Olga Slugina.

The palette of the bedroom attracts special attention – blue walls, mustard textiles on the windows and a noble grape-blackberry headboard. Rich saturated colors are diluted with a high white plinth and a wide white ceiling cornice, which descends onto the plane of the wall.

The bathroom area turned out to be 7.5 square meters. m. A free-standing bathtub with legs is the customer’s dream. The bathroom has long ceased to be considered a utilitarian room. I wanted to move away only from utilitarian functions and focus on comfort, coziness, the opportunity to relax and recharge. Customers supported the proposal not to use tiles here. Moldings were used in the wet areas, wallpaper with a floral print was used higher up in the sink area, and painting was done in the rest of the space.

“While working on the project, I electronically cut out the wallpaper so that I knew for sure that one roll would be enough. The rich colors of the wallpaper were diluted with a high white ceiling cornice, which descends onto the plane of the wall. A bright vanity refreshes the bathroom interior and highlights the leaves on the wallpaper. The gold frame of the mirror complements the brass finish of the sanitary fixtures and fittings. The plywood shelving fits in seamlessly thanks to its airy appearance and natural shade,” says Olga Slugina.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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