One-room apartment in an old building 37 m² with a special atmosphere (photos before and after)

This small apartment has been restored to its old-world feel with a matching color palette, antique furniture and art.


The apartment is located in a historical district of Moscow in a building from the Stalin period. It was inherited by the customer, so I wanted to preserve the spirit and atmosphere of family ties. The customer’s professional path throughout her life has been connected with medicine – this could not but be reflected in the interior, which was designed by architect Anna Dobrokovskaya.


Initially, the apartment had a standard layout. During the renovation, the entrance to the room was moved, the sleeping area was separated with sliding partitions, which created a small living area.

The kitchen was made to order. The main household appliances are integrated into the kitchen set, the refrigerator is free-standing. In such a relatively small space, it was possible to place all the kitchen utensils, while the set does not look bulky.

The customer lived in Scandinavian countries in her youth and subsequently visited them regularly, so one of her wishes was to bring the mood of the Scandinavian lifestyle into the interior.

Some pieces of furniture were the property of the customer, while other items were made to order according to the architect’s sketches. The highlight of the interior were the paintings. One of them was written by Anna Dobrokovskaya’s grandfather, architect V. M. Dobrokovsky.

The bathroom was not connected to the toilet. For decoration, we chose accent tiles in deep blue and tiles with a light wood texture in the Scandinavian style, and terrazzo tiles on the floor refer to the Soviet period.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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