Successful refurbishment of an old apartment.

Bright ornaments and vintage furniture helped create a beautiful interior in an apartment that cannot be remodeled.


Designer Anna Smolyakova turned a two-room apartment in a block house built in 1975 into a modern space for a young woman through minimal remodeling and an interesting artistic solution.


Apartments in houses from the mid-seventies are not a gift for a designer. The load-bearing wall separating the kitchen from the room does not allow any changes to be made to the original layout. Low ceilings create a feeling of cramped and stuffy space. There were no utility rooms, except mezzanines in the corridor – Soviet people were not supposed to accumulate things, but to build communism.

The young housewife, who is interested in sports and loves photography, wanted the apartment to have a sufficient amount of storage space, but at the same time it would not look overloaded with closets. She needed to find a place for a washing machine in the bathroom, but she decided to give up the bedroom with a full bed in favor of a folding sofa in one of the rooms. 

First of all, designer Anna Smolyakova carried out a small redevelopment: she moved the doorway in the room, which will serve as a bedroom. This made it possible to install two closets on both sides of the wall: the first, on the hallway side, is intended for storing outerwear, the second, in the room, for everyday clothes. 
The obsolete mezzanines in the hallway were dismantled, and opposite the bathroom they managed to accommodate a utility closet needed by the housewife. The compact washing machine fits into a small bathroom due to the door being moved to the center.
By first education, designer Anna Smolyakova is an artist-stylist (specialization: ornament). That’s why there are so many expressive prints and rich colors in this interior. “The zigzag wallpaper pattern called chevron is a symbolic protector of the home,” says Anna. “In addition, it unifies the overall color scheme of the living room.” 
There are many vintage items in the decor. The chairs and tables were created in the same years when this apartment was built, and are designed specifically for such low ceilings and small rooms. And warm ocher tones and “African” zigzag patterns bring a sunny mood to the apartment and delight the owner of the apartment and her guests. 

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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