Before and after: cool conversion of an old apartment.

Designer made a redevelopment and found a place for another room.

Designer remodeled a three-room apartment for her institute friends – a creative couple with two children. The layout no longer met the needs: it needed to be rethought. Plus, the customers wanted to fill the resulting interior with art.

Kitchen-living room before renovation

The kitchen-living room was a single space with three windows. Only a small partition separated it from the entrance area.

Kitchen-living room and bedroom after renovation

One of the main tasks of the redevelopment was the creation of another room. It was set up right in the living room area, with new partitions built. The kitchen-living room retained its function, but became smaller in area.

The kitchen is made to order according to an individual project. The upper cabinets were abandoned. All the heavy parts of the pencil cases and built-in appliances were moved to the side wall so that the rest of the set remained as light as possible and created the effect of a living area. A mirror above the work surface complemented this feeling and also visually expanded the small space.

The room that resulted from the redevelopment became the parents’ bedroom. Accent wallpaper was used at the headboard of the bed.

Hallway before renovation

Before the renovation, the hallway had a built-in wardrobe and a bench with a storage system. Finishing includes painting and wall panels.

Hallway after renovation

The old birch doors were left in the hallway: they were restored and the handles were replaced. This saved the budget, because the doors are 230 cm high. The antique sideboard and mirror were purchased on Avito and restored specifically for the project.

Children’s before renovation

One children’s room used to house the parents’ bedroom, the second had a sleeping area, a piano, work tables and a dressing room.

Children’s after renovation

The rooms were made modern and laconic. The piano was moved into the daughter’s room. A bed, desk and storage systems were left in my son’s room.

Bathroom before renovation

The room had a rounded corner, which added inconvenience. I wanted to return straight shapes to the bathroom.

Bathroom after renovation

New partitions were built for the bathroom. The bathroom turned out to be very elegant thanks to the combination of materials. In the wet area, the walls were protected with Spanish tiles, the remaining walls were covered with moisture-resistant paint, and in the sink area it was complemented with wallpaper. The wallpaper was protected from moisture by a high granite apron, custom-made along with the countertop.

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