Bright apartment in a panel house built in 1974 (see photos before and after)

Designer did not the most standard, but very convenient redevelopment in a standard apartment.


The customers are a young married couple. For them, designer Maria Nichiporenko remodeled a two-room apartment in a panel house of the MG-601 series built in 1974. Despite the small area of ​​the apartment, the customers had certain requirements: a bedroom with a dressing room, a kitchen-living room, and a combined bathroom. During the implementation process, certain difficulties arose. For example, during dismantling we encountered large monolithic beams that needed to be hidden. They found a solution – they covered them with mirrors, which created the effect of height and visually expanded the space.


The renovation combined the kitchen, living area and hallway to create a space that includes a dining room, living room and hallway. The built-in wardrobe zoned the entrance area and became a bright accent. The kitchen was separated by a bar counter, adding a display case for dishes and a built-in wine refrigerator. The kitchen cabinets had enough storage space to hide a microwave and other freestanding appliances. The window facing the balcony was blocked and in its place a built-in bookcase was created.

The clients’ previous apartment was designed in the same style and had virtually no bright decorative elements on the walls. Therefore, they wanted to create a home where classic wall decor and modern furniture would blend harmoniously with each other. In addition, the customers are art connoisseurs.

Parquet boards were used to decorate the living area, bedroom and dressing room. “To get away from the typical style, we decided to combine two different layouts – deck and herringbone. A deck layout was made around the perimeter of the room, and a herringbone layout was made in the central part. This allowed us to create an individual design and add a special charm to each room,” says the designer.

Since the apartment is small, it was important to make the most of the space. In the hallway there was a wardrobe for outerwear and shoes. The living room has a large closet for seasonal clothes and additional storage space for household items.

This project used a warm gray paint color for the main walls. The accent blue color in the kitchen-living room is present not only on the walls, but in the upholstery of the sofa. For the bedroom, a calmer paint was chosen – a soft pink shade, and a darker gray color was used to highlight the makeup area. This combination of colors creates a cozy and harmonious atmosphere in every room.

“In the bedroom, our task was to create an atmosphere of peace and harmony. For this, we chose the painting “Blue Eyes” by Georgy Khomich, placing it above the head of the bed. To complete the image, we installed the work “Cracked Ice” by Ekaterina Lysak on the opposite wall,” says the designer.

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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