How to turn an old three-room apartment into a modern one (before and after photos)

We tell you how we updated the secondary building and created comfortable and functional housing for a couple with a child.

A young couple bought an apartment in an old brick house built in 1957 in the Lefortovo area. The guys dreamed of making it a modern, comfortable living space and turned to designers from the Loft & Home

 studio . Irina Minaeva took on the development of the design project – we tell you the details of the remodeling. 


The customers decided to save money and not change the layout of the apartment. The dismantling of partitions and the construction of new ones was quite minor. The kitchen was already combined with the living room, but to make everything safe, the owners refused to use gas. A bedroom was set up in one living room, and a children’s room in the other. There is a seating area on the balcony.


The kitchen unit is placed in the letter P; under the window there is a bar counter, which then turns into another block of cabinets. It was possible to install many items of built-in equipment and provide storage space. At the same time, the kitchen does not look bulky due to the pleasant shades of the facades and light porcelain stoneware on the kitchen apron.

Photo of the kitchen before renovation:

Living room

During the development of the design project, the designer complicated the original idea of ​​Scandinavian style and added elements of new classics in the form of moldings, as well as a French Christmas tree on the floor, and applied a color scheme with a predominance of gradations of dark green and olive shades. In addition, she added modern accents in the form of track lamps, furniture elements, plaster panels and slats.

Photo of the living room before renovation:


The bedroom was an elongated rectangular room with access to a balcony. A dressing room was built in it: it created a hidden storage system, plus the living space received more correct proportions.

Photo of the bedroom before renovation:


While the child is small, he sleeps in the parents’ bedroom, and this room is used for leisure. The interior was created with the expectation that it would remain relevant for many years.

Photo of the nursery before renovation:

Hallway and corridor

After the dismantling work was completed, the floor level in the apartment became almost 20 cm lower than in the entrance. There were two options: either make a step at the entrance to the apartment and have an additional 10 cm to the ceiling height, or level the floor to the entrance level.

To reduce the weight of the screed (since the house is old and there is no need to overload the floors), we made a backfill of expanded clay 11 cm thick and a semi-dry screed 7 cm thick with mesh and fiber reinforcement.

Photo of the corridor before renovation:


In the bathroom it was possible to install not only a bathtub, but also a shower – such a solution is rarely possible to implement in standard apartments. To install the wall-hung toilet in the direction required by the design, the cast-iron sewer riser had to be redone.

Photo of the bathroom before renovation:

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