Paparazzi caught Brad Pitt’s girlfriend with a gift from the actor: rare photos

When Brad Pitt was just starting his relationship with Ines de Ramon, very little information about their romance leaked onto the Internet. And fans of the actor could not even dream of taking photographs together. Now that it has become clear that everything is serious with the lovebirds – they, remember, recently moved in together – Ines seemed to have stopped hiding from journalists. For the second time in a month, the fitness trainer caught the eye of photographers – although without Brad, but with a huge bouquet.

It’s impossible to say that the flowers were a gift from the actor, but the Daily Mail authors have no doubt about it. Due to a difficult divorce, Brad became quite tough, but the skill of beautifully caring for girls, we agree, cannot be wasted. However, even if the actor is not very romantic, Ines is well aware that after his experience it is not easy for him. When Brad asked his beloved to sign a non-disclosure agreement about facts from his life, she was only glad – an insider said that for the fitness trainer this was a wake-up call that the actor was making plans for her.

Well, even if Inez’s bouquet was given by a secret admirer, Brad is unlikely to have an attack of jealousy. The celebrity, sources said, completely trusts his beloved and sees her as the mother of his child .

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