The interior of a family apartment of 81 m², which will not go out of style for a long time (photos before and after)

Without redevelopment, the designer managed to create a spacious interior for a family with three children, and also make it vandal-proof and stylish.


Tatyana Rtishcheva designed a standard apartment for a family with three children. This is a secondary property, after the purchase the customers had to live in it for a couple of years, so when they started working with the designer they knew exactly what they wanted. It was necessary to do without redevelopment, arrange three bedrooms, design a comfortable and spacious kitchen, and provide several work places. At the same time, the owner wanted to simplify cleaning the apartment and make the interior practical and durable.


The apartment has four rooms, but all the rooms are small and approximately the same in size. The smallest room went to the eldest son, the second largest was the parents’ bedroom, and the third larger one belonged to the two daughters. They all face southeast. A small living room and kitchen are located to the north-west; these rooms receive less sunlight.

The family is large, and the customer spends a lot of time in the kitchen. I wanted this space to be not only comfortable, but also beautiful. The kitchen furniture was thought out based on all the wishes of the family, taking into account the existing kitchen utensils and the availability of household appliances. Thanks to the existing layout, it was possible to create a convenient niche on the countertop where a toaster, food processor and things that should be at hand at all times can be placed.

The designer took into account the high growth of the owners – they feel comfortable reaching the microwave. We had to compromise and allocate more space for pull-out cabinets, providing a 45 cm dishwasher with a separate upper tray for cutlery. The owner also wanted a built-in refrigerator: the problem was that such models have a smaller volume than free-standing refrigerators. As a result, they installed the entire built-in refrigerator, without a freezer, and provided a separate freezer, under the countertop.

In the kitchen, a decorative mirror in the form of a false window on the wall looks impressive – it adds natural light to the room. The lamp above the dining area provides a very cozy light in the evening. “It was inexpensive, but we modified it a little by adding a beautiful rosette on the ceiling and a decorative cord,” shares the designer.
The owners already had some of the furniture. We set the task of making the interior as light as possible, especially paying attention to the north-western dark part of the apartment (kitchen and living room), where the sun does not even set in winter. Therefore, all the furniture in the apartment is light – and this turned out to be a practical solution as well.
The girls’ room has a lot of storage space: a closet with filling designed for small housewives, a narrow chest of drawers for various types of needlework and hobbies, work tables, a bookcase, spacious storage in bed drawers for toys, wall cabinets above the desk for the eldest daughter -schoolgirls.
There are many storage spaces in my son’s room: a closet, a chest of drawers, a bedside table and a work table, bookshelves, a very spacious compartment in the bed where all the family’s out-of-season shoes are stored.
In my son’s room we used wallpaper in two colors from the same collection and a fresco. The supporting column is lined with artificial brick. The fresco and brick were invented to complement the load-bearing column and zone the room.
The bathroom and toilet are fully decorated with tiles: the color of the walls is practical for cleaning, with a little staining. “The layout of the bathrooms is standard; for a large family they are very small, but we made everything as convenient as possible. The toilet has hidden storage behind the doors where the pipes are. In the bathroom there is a spacious cabinet under the washbasin, a wall cabinet containing all household chemicals, a washing machine with drying function, a narrow basket for dirty laundry, an additional electric heated towel rail with convenient hooks for towels,” says the designer.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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