Before and after: how the old building 66 m² was transformed.

We restored the plaster stucco on the ceilings and left some of the furniture – chests of drawers, chairs, tables, carpets, some chandeliers.

Designer Alena Erashevich redesigned the interior of a two-room apartment, which is located in a 1950s house in Minsk. The customer wanted to preserve the warmth and atmosphere of the “Stalinist” interior and at the same time update the wall decoration and parquet flooring.

Kitchen before renovation:

The entrance to the kitchen was from the corridor, the furniture was opposite the window, so it was dark in the cooking area. The door was also in the way. The customer wanted to have more free space and air.

Kitchen after renovation:

As a result of the redevelopment, the entrance to the kitchen was made from the living room, and the old opening was blocked. The set was placed on a wall with a window – now you can admire the view while cooking.

An antique dining table and chairs of a reddish wood shade were supported by a berry-colored set. The pipes and heating radiator were painted a dark shade so that they would not be conspicuous.

Bedroom before renovation:

It was a room with one window, quite narrow. I wanted to create a more intimate, private environment and, if possible, preserve the ceiling cornices.

Bedroom after renovation:

The ceiling was leveled using plaster, and all the plaster stucco was restored by hand. The walls were covered with plaster: the surfaces of the walls were given texture using the author’s method of applying the material. The designer used the rich shade of terracotta to create an intimate setting. The chandelier was also preserved and integrated into the resulting interior.

Bathroom before renovation:

Bathrooms in the apartment are separate. The standard story with communication pipes that are in plain sight. Of course, I wanted to hide them and create a more beautiful interior.

Bathroom after renovation:

The bathroom was left separate. In the bathroom and toilet, the walls are partially tiled with Spanish Vives tiles and partially painted. The floors in both rooms have Italian-made tiles. “Our color preferences coincided with the hostess. We both love wine shades and when choosing tiles we immediately came to a common opinion,” says Alena Erashevich.

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