How the interior was updated in an old style (before and after photos)

The designer suggested saving on wall decoration, leaving some of the vintage furniture and adding new items and art to the decor.


Designer refreshed the interior of an apartment in a house built in 1935. Two generations of the family live here – parents and an adult daughter. The second daughter and her family come periodically. During the renovation, the customers wanted to preserve some of the original decoration – stucco molding, ceilings, parquet – and the spirit of the Stalinist apartment. At the same time, fit into a small budget and do not arrange a grandiose alteration.


The apartment had a typical layout for Stalinist apartments. They changed it a little: they combined a fourth tiny room with a micro vestibule and a kitchen – we got a spacious kitchen-dining room with a small sitting area. They also combined the bathroom and toilet.

Modular kitchen from IKEA. The main part of the set is straight without wall cabinets; storage is organized in drawers. The entire side wall in the kitchen is occupied by built-in IKEA kitchen cabinets – the builders made niches to fit their dimensions. Large appliances are hidden in these cabinets: refrigerator, washing machine, oven, microwave. This is where all the dishes are stored. There is a separate utility closet for an ironing board, vacuum cleaner, iron and mop. The cabinets also provide storage space for wine supplies and a server room (router and phone). 
During the renovation, we managed to save on wall finishing. “I persuaded the customers not to make the walls perfectly smooth, but to leave them with the effect of rough plaster and a touch of history. This was achieved using ordinary rough plaster, which was primed and immediately painted, bypassing the stage of careful leveling and sanding. The plaster ceilings were also left untouched,” says Daria Nazarenko.
The owners’ vintage items were preserved in the interior – a wardrobe, a bed (the headboard was reupholstered with new fabric), vintage chandeliers and bedside tables – they were moved into the terracotta bedroom to “break up” the effect of the set. The rest of the furniture and decor were matched to existing ones to complement them. 

Photo of the apartment before renovation

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