Harmony of classics and modernity.

A customer approached designer Svetlana Nifatova, who dreamed of a bright and cozy interior. The renovation was done in an apartment located in a brick house that was more than 100 years old: they thought out the ideal layout, and the owner completely trusted the designer in matters of renovation.

They did not move the kitchen: instead of a gas stove, there is a hob. We installed a stunning set in a pistachio shade – it was made according to the designer’s sketches. We took the classics as a basis and played them up in an interesting way. The bar counter is made in the form of a high and narrow table with graceful carved legs.

The furniture combines classic and modern. The author of the project moved away from obvious forms and materials – thanks to this decision, the interior acquired an unusual character. A comfortable bedroom was designed in a niche. 

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