It became known how Bianca Censori’s parents reacted to their daughter’s desire to have a child with Kanye West

You won’t envy Bianca Censori: Kanye West’s wife comes from all directions for her naked – without quotes – outfits. First, the girl was threatened with prison by French social activists, and then her own father spoke out about the Australian’s exit. And we, frankly, don’t know who we should be afraid of more: Leo Censori is part of a famous crime family and is the brother of the famous mafioso, who was nicknamed Al Capone of Melbourne.

Leo Censori doesn’t understand why Kanye is turning Bianca into “dirty goods,” because he would never allow anything like that to his own daughters North and Chicago. According to the insider, Bianca’s mother is also “distressed by her daughter’s disgusting outfits.” “Her parents are so upset about it because they don’t recognize her. She wouldn’t do this if she wasn’t being controlled. Kanye continues to hold her back, giving her more and more shares and rights in his projects,” an insider told the Daily Mail tabloid.

And here comes a new blow to the star couple: as it turns out, Bianca’s parents are very frightened by the prospect of having grandchildren. But the rapper has already mentioned in one of his new lyrics that another child is his ultimate goal! “He’s her husband, so of course they discussed it. And the fact that Bianca became a stepmother to the offspring of Kanye and Kim only increased her desire to have her own children. There was a time when her parents supported her in this, but now none of them believe that getting pregnant and having a baby right now is a good idea. They want Bianca to have children and grandchildren, but they also want them to grow up in a stable and loving family. And life with Kanye is absolutely unstable,” said a source close to the Censori family.

Well, the worries of Bianca’s father and mother are easy to understand, because the latest outings of the scandalous couple evoke associations with anything, but not with family values.

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