Rihanna appeared on stage for the first time after the birth of her son and provoked rumors of a third pregnancy: video

Rihanna returned to the stage… however, only for one evening and for a fabulous fee. The singer performed at the pre-wedding party of the youngest son of India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani and the daughter of local billionaire Shri Viren Merchant, which was attended by Mark Zuckerberg, Ivanka Trump and all the top Bollywood stars. The fee, of course, corresponded to the status of the event – according to rumors, Rihanna was paid $7 million for the concert.

This is the artist’s first performance in more than a year. The last time the star sang for the audience was during last year’s Super Bowl and, as we remember, she spectacularly announced her second pregnancy right from the stage. Now fans seem to hope that this will become a glorious tradition, and therefore they suspected Rihanna of being pregnant for the third time. The main arguments are rather lazy dancing and performance to a soundtrack. And of course, the singer’s outstanding shape, which she emphasized with a tight-fitting translucent outfit.

“Of course, she’s pregnant, so she’s not going all out, she’s being careful!”, “At first I didn’t believe in pregnancy either, but judging by the energy-saving movements, she’s really pregnant,” “Pregnant, and it looks like she’s in her fifth month,” they discuss readers of the Super telegram channel.

However, among our subscribers there were also supporters of a different opinion, who recalled that Rihanna became a mother for the second time just 7 months ago. “Maybe because she gave birth to a second one! A person needs to recover at a minimum!”, “Sometimes after childbirth you can recover for years. I couldn’t actively move for almost 5 months because of the pain.” Well, some even reminded that the Barbadian beauty has never been distinguished by particularly energetic dancing and virtuosic live vocals (by the way, readers of the Dail Mail tabloid agree with this, who mostly believe that Rihanna is simply “lazy in life”).

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