The Internet ridiculed the “modest” image of Bianca Censori, which Kanye West’s wife chose after a walk in Paris without underwear.

French social activists seem to have scared Bianca Censori after all. Of course, few people would want to end up behind bars after a provocative walk in transparent tights and without underwear. And Leo Censori unequivocally spoke about the shocking images of his daughter – and, as we remember, he is not to be joked with.

Be that as it may, Kanye West’s wife appeared in public yesterday in a modest – of course, by her standards – image. Bianca was spotted leaving the fashionable Ritz Paris hotel in tight black tights and a purple long sleeve. She completed her outfit with elegant stilettos and a huge black bag (apparently to fit all the clothes that she didn’t need at Fashion Week). But jokes aside, this is real progress, considering that quite recently the world’s tabloids had to censor too revealing photos of Censori.

But West, who, according to rumors, forces Bianca to expose herself, remained true to himself. The rapper showed off a voluminous monochrome look that we are already accustomed to: wide black trousers, an oversized sweatshirt and a leather jacket of the same color.

However, Internet users still found something to complain about. Commentators are not at all sure that Bianca has taken the path of correction. “In what world is this modest? She “forgot” to put on pants or a skirt again and is still showing off her panties,” “Below the waist she has nothing on but tights, is that what you call “modest”?!” – Readers of the Daily Mail tabloid were outraged.

There were some jokes too. “It was probably a really cold day,” “It seems like she’s just uncomfortable in decent clothes,” “We’ve already seen everything, so there’s no need to cover up,” users noted ironically.

Well, in a sense they are right. It’s unlikely that Censori will be able to surprise us with anything else. But just in case, we don’t promise.

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