Before and after: 5 examples of transforming “killed” apartments.

A selection of very beautiful interiors.

Don’t be afraid to purchase apartments on the secondary market. Even the most “killed” options have their potential. We’ve put together an inspiring selection of before and after photos of the best renovation stories.

1. Three-room apartment in a hundred-year-old house

The apartment is located in a historic house that is almost a hundred years old. More recently, designer Oksana Nechaeva moved here with her husband and little son. During the renovation, we had to replace all the ceilings, clean the floors, make a new dry screed, and also repeat the stucco molding that could not be restored.
Oksana managed to preserve the spirit of the historical center of Moscow and at the same time create a stylish modern interior.

2. Convenient stalinka for a family with a child

The apartment was in a “destroyed” state, so a radical redevelopment and replacement of the walls was required. The dismantling of non-load-bearing interior partitions was simply necessary. Along three windows located on one side, architect Alexandra Melnikova designed a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The space of the kitchen-living room was increased by removing the partition between the passage area and the living room.
All radiators and windows were also replaced.

3. Two-room apartment with a convenient layout in Stalin style

Renovating apartments on the secondary market often involves completely dismantling the interior walls and creating a new layout. This two-room apartment , designed by designer Alena Chmeleva, was no exception.
After the renovation, it now has a large kitchen for a housewife who loves to cook, a walk-through living room for entertaining guests and a private bedroom. There was also enough space for storage systems and a convenient bathroom.
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