Before vs after: 2 examples of transforming “killed” apartments.

A selection of very beautiful interiors.

Don’t be afraid to purchase apartments on the secondary market. Even the most “killed” options have their potential. We’ve put together an inspiring selection of before and after photos of the best renovation stories.

1. A two-room apartment in an old building, which is radically different from its “neighbors” in the stairwell

Decorator Olga Zaretskikh designed this small two-room apartment next to the Novodevichy Convent several years ago for herself and her husband. She wanted to turn an old apartment with a standard layout into a cozy place to relax.
To make the space comfortable for two people, the first step was to remove the passage to the kitchen from the hallway and use it to enlarge the bathroom. The kitchen was combined with the living room: to allow more light into the corridor, instead of the usual partition, hinged doors with glass inserts were made.

2. English interior with elements of Provence

The apartment in which Natasha Lisakova had to renovate was in such a deplorable condition that for a long time she could not decide whether to start renovation work or is it better to sell the property and look for another? After some thought, Natasha was not afraid to try on the role of a decorative designer.
It is worth noting that the apartment turned out to match the style of its owner – with soft shades, without flashy multi-colored decor.
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