Kim Kardashian appeared at the show of the scandalous fashion brand and made a splash on the Internet.

Fashion Week is in full swing in the French capital. And if yesterday everyone was discussing Georgina Rodriguez’s unexpected appearance at the show of designer Guram Gvasalia and his Vetements brand, today the attention of critics was focused on the show of his brother Demna. The most stylish celebrities gathered in the front row of the Balenciaga autumn-winter collection show. Of course, it would not have happened without a big fan of the fashion house, Kim Kadashian. For the event, the businesswoman chose a tight lace dress in a gothic style, once again proving that black is her color.

True, Internet users clearly did not approve of the image. “A mixture of Balenciaga and American Horror Story,” “a poor man’s Morticia Addams,” Daily Mail readers criticized the outfit. Some people thought that makeup, natural lighting, and most importantly, the absence of the usual filters made 43-year-old Kim look very old. Well, the most attentive ones noticed an unusual detail: “She forgot to take off the price tag. He’s probably going to return it back.” We, however, suspect that this is not an accidental puncture, but a thoughtful and ironic part of the image from the provocateur Demna – but it really looks funny.

In addition, as it turned out, many of the commentators still cannot forgive Kim for collaborating with the scandalous brand. Let us recall that a year and a half ago, the fashion house was subjected to severe criticism after an advertisement in which children posed next to plush toys tied with leather belts in the spirit of the attributes of adult sexual games. At the time, Kim said she was “shocked and disgusted” and even stopped wearing Balenciaga clothes. But already at the beginning of this year, Kardashian changed her anger to mercy and became the official ambassador of the brand.

“Her continued collaboration with them shows that Kim has no moral compass”, “Don’t forget what Balenciaga did”, “Money comes before morals”, “Fame-hungry narcissists are desperate for media attention, so they are happy to throw all this unpleasant stuff into side,” readers reason. However, we doubt that such criticism will have any influence on Kim. Moreover, literally every appearance she wears in the brand’s clothes is already accompanied by a stream of hate.

But this is all the usual criticism – but we saved the most interesting for last. “In this dress, with this hair and makeup, she looks the same as she did before Kanye,” Daily Mail readers write. Well, we completely agree – and given the fact that the controversial rapper makes his new wife Bianca Censori wear it, this seems not a criticism, but a compliment. At the very least, Kim definitely won’t have to worry about being arrested for public nudity.

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