Transformation of an old three-room apartment: before and after photos.

Designer updated the interior, which had not been renovated for a long time, added light and beautiful accent details to the apartment.


The owner of this apartment lives alone, but her daughter, her husband and child come to visit her, so it was important to create an atmosphere that would be comfortable for everyone. Overall, I liked the layout, but there were some shortcomings that designer Anna Plakunova eliminated – she added a closet in the hallway, provided storage space in the bathroom and enlarged the kitchen unit.


“Initially, it was a standard St. Petersburg “Comb”: that is, there is a corridor along the wall, from which all the rooms go in one direction, like the teeth of a comb,” says the designer. “The redevelopment was done 20 years ago, I only corrected it a little.”

The kitchen was made to order. The facades are painted MDF. The unusual location of the built-in microwave is under the countertop. The customer says that it is very convenient and the microwave does not take up space on the work surface.

The highlight of the interior was the brick wall along the entire corridor, which opened after dismantling the gypsum board and dismantling the old plaster. The corridor increased by 10 cm in width, and the sandblasted brick set the style for the entire apartment.

In addition to the brick wall, the remaining walls are covered with plain Swedish wallpaper. Only in two places there is wallpaper with decor. The doors were interesting. “The room partitions were not redone, but I wanted to visually increase the doors. We decided to make false transoms. They glued a mirror to the wall above the doorways and framed it with platbands,” says Anna Plakunova.

The cabinets in the hallway and dressing room were made to order in order to use all the space down to the millimeter. Due to the large size of the facades, this solution cannot be called a budget solution. But in the second bedroom, inexpensive wardrobes from IKEA fit well.

The bathroom was seriously reduced, but it became more functional. At the entrance they made two built-in cabinets, in one of which they hid a boiler and a washing machine. The second cabinet hid the slope of the wall, on which the TV was located on the living room side.

Photo of the apartment before renovation:

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