Experience the art of eclectic design in this Richmond home transformation, where Dana Gibson showcases the power of mixing colors and patterns to create vibrant spaces.

Contrary to her penchant for bold hues and dynamic prints, Gibson’s decorating journey begins with a clean slate of white walls. This approach allows her to assess light dynamics and plan accordingly before infusing the space with her signature flair.

Embracing a bold design ethos, Gibson and her husband embarked on extensive renovations, stripping away dated features and enhancing architectural charm with crown molding and wainscotting.

With the structural foundation laid, Gibson reintroduced color, opting for bright tones to maximize natural light. Rather than meticulously matching hues, she embraces a mix-and-match philosophy, layering accessories atop neutral backgrounds for a dynamic effect.

Before: Exterior

After: Exterior

Drawing inspiration from her Southern roots and global travels, Gibson seamlessly blends architectural styles and cultural influences throughout her home. From European-inspired detailing to Australian lightness and Mexican folk art accents, each element adds depth and personality to the space.

Before: Entry

After: Entry

Outside, a facelift transforms the exterior with fieldstone steps and a vibrant painted door, setting the stage for the eclectic charm within. Inside, strategic design choices like crown molding and vibrant wallpaper elevate ceilings and walls, while thoughtful furniture arrangements and accent pieces add personality and warmth to each room.

Before: Living Room

After: Living Room

In the living room, Gibson’s aversion to plain walls leads to creative solutions like wainscotting and vibrant yellow paint, creating visual interest and contrast. Meanwhile, in the dining room, her wallpaper design sets the stage for a harmonious blend of colors and patterns, anchored by a vintage rug and antique table.

Before: Dining Room

After: Dining Room

In the primary bedroom, Gibson effortlessly mixes international pieces with traditional elements, infusing the space with character and charm. From Mexican folk art accents to custom fabrics and vintage finds, each detail reflects Gibson’s unique design sensibility and adventurous spirit.

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