“The Farewell to a Blank Canvas” – Revamping a Modern Bedroom

Redesigning a bedroom is a nuanced endeavor. It’s an intimate space in the home, and when it’s shared with a partner, navigating preferences can be even more complex. Will it lean towards masculine or feminine aesthetics? Modern or traditional? And what about the color scheme? So, when my spouse, Susan, and I undertook this project, our goals were straightforward: 1) Craft a cozy sanctuary and 2) maintain marital harmony. Discover how we transformed our bedroom into a modern oasis.


Recognizing the need for a mediator, we enlisted the expertise of Susan Hable, an artist and fabric designer hailing from Athens, Georgia, whose aesthetic resonated with both of us. Co-founder of Hable Construction alongside her sister, Katharine Hable Sweeney, Susan’s work is celebrated for its textiles, rugs, and furniture inspired by the beauty of nature. With a penchant for infusing traditional Southern design with a contemporary twist, she seemed like the perfect fit for us. The room itself was a plain rectangle lacking in character. However, boasting six towering windows surrounded by lush foliage on all sides, Susan aptly dubbed it our “tree house” sanctuary. Yet, it lacked cozy corners, intriguing details, and adequate furnishings.


We sought to anchor the space with a canopy-style bed frame, opting for a sleek, understated design in a soft silvery gray that complemented the wall color beautifully.

Addressing the challenge of dressing the six windows, Susan’s own shibori pattern, Baja, brought a touch of bohemian chic while highlighting the verdant surroundings.

The Curtains

When it came to lighting, there was a divergence of opinions. While Susan favored modern sconces, I leaned towards classic lamps. Ultimately, the contemporary Charlton sconces from Circa Lighting won out, their elegant design winning me over.

The Lighting & Furniture

For furniture, we curated a blend of pieces, including side tables from Tritter Feefer, a custom lacquered chest by Hickory Chair, and a cherished Halabala lounge chair sourced from New York. Each item added its unique flair to the room, creating a harmonious yet eclectic vibe.

The Art

Curating the art collection was a joint effort, with pieces like the staghorn fern painting and dreamy interiors by photographer Rinne Allen selected for their ability to inspire.

The Bedding

Bedding from Hable Construction’s collaboration with Garnet Hill brought pattern and personality to the space, while a jute rug provided warmth and durability, layered with a kilim rug for added texture.

The Flooring

In the end, our revamped bedroom reflects a blend of our tastes and personalities, a space where we can both find inspiration and relaxation.

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