Hailey Bieber became the face of the new Victoria’s Secret collection and published pictures in a swimsuit – fans thank her

Fifteen years ago, working with Victoria’s Secret was a great line on a resume. Later, the audience lost confidence in the brand, since for many years it promoted forms that were not compatible with life, and millions of girls around the world believed that they needed to be like this and nothing else. However, the company managed to rehabilitate itself. Having created a couple of collaborations with plus-size models, management finally realized: it’s not the 90/60/90 that delights the modern audience.

The latest to be showered with compliments from Victoria’s Secret clients is Hailey Bieber. The model was chosen as the face of the new swimsuit collection. On her Instagram*, the star published several pictures from a fashion shoot and hardly expected that they would start thanking her. “Finally, we are shown women with normal bodies,” a fan wrote. “Natural beauty,” added another. “It inspires you to love yourself,” said a third. Russian-speaking followers also ran into the comments and compared Hayley to Valentina Ivanova. Our model, we note, even at the beginning of her media career did not promote unhealthy thinness. Victoria’s Secret, take a closer look!

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