Armani Milby, Chelsey’s daughter from Kentucky, is an extraordinary infant, born with a unique condition that caused her arms and chest to swell, resembling a bodybuilder’s physique. After an intense initial three months that required specialized medical attention, Armani’s prognosis is now more positive, with further treatments on the horizon.


Chelsey recounts the daunting journey they’ve endured since Armani’s birth but remains optimistic about their recovery. The anomaly was detected 17 weeks into Chelsey’s pregnancy, with doctors diagnosing a severe case of lymphangioma, a rare condition leading to benign tumors in the lymphatic system, resulting in significant swelling in Armani’s upper body.

Contrary to the grim “zero percent” survival rate given by doctors, Armani defied the odds, being born at 33 weeks via cesarean section, weighing 12 pounds. Chelsey’s pregnancy was so pronounced that onlookers speculated she might be carrying triplets.

The diagnosis left Chelsey, a mother of two healthy children, in shock and despair, unfamiliar with the condition and apprehensive about the outcomes she researched.

Armani’s resilience has since alleviated some of Chelsey’s initial fears. Nicknamed “mini hulk” at birth due to her size, Armani underwent surgeries to alleviate the fluid buildup, earning her the new nickname “squishy” from Chelsey due to the resulting excess skin, which is expected to normalize as she grows.




Chelsey is optimistic about Armani’s future, acknowledging the inevitable scars from her surgeries but grateful for her daughter’s progress and well-being. At nine months, Armani is preparing for another surgery to address the lymphatic issues further, while Chelsey herself has battled postpartum depression, striving to maintain strength for her family.

Despite daily challenges, Chelsey is heartened by Armani’s development, as she begins to meet developmental milestones and shows signs of soon speaking her first words.

Grateful for her “miracle baby,” Chelsey is relieved and hopeful for Armani’s health and future.