These 3 Kitchen Transformations Are Sure to Spark Your Renovation Enthusiasm

Your kitchen serves as the heart of your bustling_household, witnessing_countless_meals,_conversations, and cherished moments. Yet, despite its significance, the idea of undertaking a full-scale kitchen_renovation_can_be_daunting. Fear not, as we’re here to guide you through the process. Explore inspiring kitchen makeovers that offer valuable design insights from homeowners and industry experts alike. With these clever renovation techniques, you’ll soon find yourself back at your stove, admiring the exquisite backsplash you’ve been dreaming of.

  1. Before

In Washington, D.C., real estate_agent_Nadie_NeJame embarked on a journey to update her 1914_Foursquare_Colonial kitchen with the expertise of interior_designer_Christopher_Patrick. Embracing a timeless aesthetic, NeJame sought a classic design that would stand the test of time.


Opting for a pristine white palette, she prioritized functionality and elegance. The centerpiece of the room became the new island, featuring a striking paint color and walnut top, serving both as a functional space and a visual focal point. Drawing inspiration_from_historic_homes, NeJame incorporated elements such as handmade_glazed_subway_tiles, luxurious marble_countertops, and traditional Shaker-style cabinet_doors with intricate bead detailing.

2. Before

Prior to its renovation, this Charleston kitchen suffered from a lack of functionality, characterized by an inconveniently positioned refrigerator and an intrusive island that disrupted the natural flow of the space. Despite contemplating a relocation, the homeowners opted to address the problematic area of their home head-on.


Teaming up with an architect and interior designer, the homeowners embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their kitchen layout. They rectified the awkward island placement, enhancing functionality, and introduced a pantry for added storage convenience. Removing the upper cabinets and applying_a_fresh_coat of light paint brightened the space, while the refrigerator was ingeniously designed to resemble a sophisticated piece of wooden furniture. The introduction of a Viking range, customized in a striking shade of blue, along with lower cabinets in a matching hue, injected a bold and vibrant touch, elevating the kitchen from mundane to remarkable.

3. Before

Lynn and Bobby Boland found their 1970s Missouri kitchen to be too confining and sought a comprehensive transformation without expanding their home’s footprint. Designer Amie Corley eagerly accepted the task.


Corley initiated the project by removing a wall of cumbersome cabinetry, seamlessly integrating the kitchen, dining room, and living room into a spacious, interconnected area. Raising_the_ceiling_to_the_roofline allowed for increased natural_light, while walnut_flooring_replaced the outdated tile. Vibrant cabinet hues, complemented by black countertops_along_the_perimeter and white marble on the island, infused a contemporary flair into the once-utilitarian kitchen_space.


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